Announcement on COVID-19 Precaution Measures

Announcement on COVID-19 Precaution Measures 


21 December 2020 


To PACO Business Partners, Customers and related parties 

Subject Safety and precaution measures regarding the spread of COVID-19 


In response to the recent spread of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) within the Samutsakorn province (821 cases as of 21 December 2020), along with the high number of migrant workers residing within the area, President Automobile Industries Public Company Limited (“PACO”) would like to ensure the health and safety of our employees and business partners.  


PACO will strictly adhere to the following COVID-19 precaution measures: 

  1. Temperature will be taken at the entrance for all entering the area including employees, business partners, customers and other visitors. Anyone with temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, or show any symptoms of sickness (coughingsneezing, sore throat etc,. ) will not be allowed to enter the area. 
  1. Ensure that all employees and visitors wear protective masks at all time within the area. 
  1. Provide hand sanitizers around offices and factories area. 
  1. Ensure office areas, enclosed spaces and shared spaces are disinfected more frequently 
  1. Communicate to all employees to raise awareness and understanding about COVID-19 precaution measures 


Additionally, PACO would also like to postpone all meetings with visitors from today until 3 January 2021, or until further notice. However, business will be operating as per usual under the advised preventive measures. 

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